Sac State Tag Agreement

If you have reported your ADT yourself through your Cal State application and have applied for your degree at your Community College up to the specified date, your Community College will provide us with this documentation electronically via eVerify by the deadline. If you have not reported your ADT yourself through your application to Cal State or if your college does not participate in the E-Verify system, you must submit an in-Progress verification form signed from your campus community college until the date mentioned above. For transfer credit contracts, use the following tools: Sacramento State has also developed an extensive program of important preparation agreements called «joints» or «transfer credit agreements.» These are official documents developed by the Sacramento State Faculty, which carefully checks course work on other institutions and identifies courses on campuses that would be acceptable instead of Sacramento State courses. Students who participate in these courses can be assured of recognition for their university major at Sacramento State. CSU campuses may enter into course-to-course or program articulation agreements with other CSU campuses and all colleges and institutions in the California Community. The CSE and CCC joints are available on Students may not transfer more than 70 semesters (105 shifts) from an institution that does not offer a bachelor`s degree or their equivalents. B, for example, community schools, to a CSU campus. Taking into account the 30 semesters (45 wards) of the university`s housing unit, no more than 90 semesters (135 quarters) cannot be transferred from all sources to the university. All courses, with the exception of corrective measures, are accepted by institutions with four years of diplomas. The credit is verified by the Education Evaluation Office and is granted in accordance with the national, governmental provisions of Title 5, the CSU system and higher education guidelines and procedures. Such credit may, if any, be used to meet general, minor or general education requirements; other courses may be considered a voting credit for the bachelor`s degree. This credit is presented in a summary form on the transcript of sacramento State`s protocol of academic records.

Sacramento State has thousands of joint agreements with community colleges and four-year institutions across the state. These articulation agreements are widespread and should be made available to students at orientation centres on their home campuses or online French With a score of 3 With a score of 4 With a score of 5 Contact: Site: World Education Services (WES) Preconditions for transfer applicants: All conditions must be met before the end of spring (for the autumn school year) or Late Summer (for Spring Authorization), With a C or Superior Rating The CSU system has authorized California Community Colleges and other accredited colleges to designate «transferable» courses for use in a four-year bachelor`s program. In addition, they have jointly defined courses that certify part of the CSU`s training objectives to a maximum of 39 semester units. Sacramento State will apply courses taken at a California community college to achieve the CSU`s education goals, which are on the certification form for Community College. For the latest information on the relevant programs and additional criteria, please contact the Authorization and Information Office. University representatives who customize transfer centres on community college campuses advise community college students on transfer matters and are an excellent resource for future transfer students.

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